Litigation Consulting and Expert Testimony In Software and Data Analysis

We provide litigation and crisis consulting, as well as expert testimony services related to electronically stored information and software. We specialize in complex data analysis, software-related disputes, and electronic discovery.

Our practice is truly international, with clients in the US and Europe, and our office is located in the Washington DC metro area.

Expert Testimony

We offer expert testimony services for any of the subject areas listed on this site. We have served as expert witnesses in all phases of trial, including testifying as the expert for the US Securities and Exchange Commission as well as US and international law firms.

Testifying technical (software) expert on the case of SEC v. Courtney D.Smith, United States District Court for the Central District of California Western Division. Case involved allegations of stock touting. Retained by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to perform software analysis; submitted an expert report in support of the economic expert, a rebuttal to the opposing expert's report and testified in court.

Testifying technical (software) expert on the case of Blue Line Media Inc. v. Redmon Group Inc., United States District Court for the City of Alexandria, VA. Case involved allegations of improper software development and project management procedures. Retained by the Defense. Was deposed and testified.

Data Analytics

The ability to win most large-scale cases or to complete an investigation in different disciplines from forensic accounting, healthcare and bankruptcies to mergers and acquisition requires the ability to make sense of large amounts of data. We have successfully served as expert on some of the most important corporate litigations during the last decade -- often involving billions of records of data and complex poorely documented data relationships. We can expeditiously and accurately analyze large amounts of complex data and present the results in meaningful and understandable matter.

Retained by one of the top-100 US law firms - the outside counsel for a major US retailer – as the leading forensic accounting consultant in settlement negotiations in multiple matters related to allegations by several US State and Federal agencies of damages related to the differences between the contractual price and the actual price of retail purchases (overcharges). Advised on sampling and extrapolation approaches, provided damages analysis based on a large amount of structured transactional and other historical data.

Comparative Software Analysis for Intellectual Property Disputes

A number of cases involving accusations of misappropriation of intellectual property, copyright or patent infringement require comparative analysis of the software in question. We can compare multiple aspects of software systems involved in the dispute and opine on whether the analysis supports or refutes original claims.

Technical consultant on the case of Venture Catalyst Incorporated v. Tech Results, Inc. et al, US District Court, Southern District of California. Case involved allegations of copyright infringement. Retained by the defendant’s counsel. Performed comparative software analysis Industries: gaming, market analysis, software development.

Technical consultant on the case of Align Technology, Inc. vs OrthoClear, Inc that involved real-time extrusion detection, network forensics, real-time data acquisition from the web, and software source code copyright infringement analysis. Performed forensic data acquisition, comparative historical analysis of captured data and comparative analysis of source code. Industries: healthcare, software development.

Security and Miscellaneous Software Analysis

In many cases, security, functionality or other aspects of a software system play an important role in determining liability of parties involved. We can perform relevant analysis of system under review and provide expert opinion regarding the issues in question.

Software Development Contract and Software Failure Analysis

The complexity of most custom-built software systems does not allow for exact prediction of their precise features, cost or completion time. Different expectations of the developer of the software and the customer not regulated by the governing contract cause frustration and often result in conflict. We can provide expert advice on creation of software development contracts as well as post-mortem analysis of causes of failure of a given software development project.

Expert consultant on a software-related contract dispute case of Paradigm Infotech v Brand Informatics. Retained by the Business & Technology Law Group – the counsel for the Plaintiff (Counter-Defendant). Mr. Antonov assisted in pre-trial analysis and deposition of opposing side factual and expert witnesses as well as advised on technical and strategy matters.

Electronic Discovery and Document Review

Production of electronically stored documents during the Electronic Discovery process may encounter complications that cannot be resolved with existing Computer Forensics or Electronic Discovery systems. These complications may be related to the large volume of data, presence of foreign-language documents, exotic or legacy format of documents or necessity to execute additional processing related to metadata or contents of the documents. Our team can assist on these complex cases using data analysis techniques or by rapidly developing custom data processing and document review tools.

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